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Case Study for Yes-Inc Mali

MaliDjiby Sidibé is a graduate of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Bamako, he chose not to consider his degree. He engaged in Agribusiness through gardening activities in a farm located in Baguineda (30km from Bamako). Through his attendance at meetings of the Business Club, Djiby is more determined in his choice because of the constant strengthening of its operational abilities.

Ousmane Kone is accountant by training. After a short time working in Mining, Business Club allowed him to strengthen his choice on the voice of empowerment for self-employment. He also engaged in Agro-business through a  5 hectares land acquired in Zantiébougou (about 200 km south-east of Bamako-  in the Road of Sikasso). To start his business, he just cleared and tilled an area of one hectare for the current crop year.

Djiby and Ousmane have got the chance to come in the Starting-block as the first two entrepreneurs of the National Business Incubation Program for young people of Mali. Other young people’s project ideas are maturing. This Ten year program aims to create, strengthen 5000 companies.

We are being more and more confirmed in our choice to design this program and are strengthened in our faith in the Youth to take control of their destiny.