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Step 2

Step 2 – Complete an Enterprise 360 Passport

If the group are not able to complete it in this phase they are referred back to step 1 and more support is given.

Example of an Enterprise 360 Passport – Healthy Hurried Snacker. Healthy Hurried Snacker is an example conceptualised for the teaching process.

Business Objective What How Assumptions
Development of a healthy savoury snack choice to be marketed through news agents and station kiosks to meet the changing pattern of consumer demand for snacks and on-the-go food.

Research market for snacks and fast food.

Conceptualisation and  creation of new snacks.

Testing of possible new snacks.

Production costing structures.

investigated for selected snacks.

Marketing strategies developed for snacks.

Full product lifecycle developed.

Operational plan and capital requirements.

Basic report on market habits and possible gaps.

Five new snack options produced.

Taste testing completed.

Full costing information available and required mark-ups calculated.
Marketing plan tabled.

Production and sales plans finalised 
Business plan completed.

Resources exist to undertake the research.

Gaps are identified and new options exist .

New snacks tested widely.

Team makes effective use of support to develop realistic costs.

Develop marketing skills through research and access to support.

Utilise support structures.

The evaluation of the passport is not based on the viability of the idea but rather the logical nature of the participants thinking and the viability of the route selected to take them to the to the business plan phase. This methodology is crucial in that the enterprise development here is about the process rather than the business idea and concept.

Once the Enterprise 360 passport has been compiled and assessed in terms of the effectiveness of the development process, ideally underpinned by market research and proto-type investigation, it acts as the passport to step 3.