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Our Football Means Business at West Ham


Case Study

As part of the programme activity “Live Football Manager” was created by students from the University of East London who have been supporting ESquared and Catalyst in the delivery.  Three of the trainee coaches working with WHICT are acting as managers in a specially devised tournament for the KICKZ participants – ‘West Ham Chance’.

The young players were skills tested at the start of the tournament and allocated “values” based on their physical performance.  They can improve their values in two ways, by performance on the pitch as they play a six week tournament in four teams, and by participating in the “Our Football Means Business” classroom activities.  

During the winter of 2013 ESquared and Catalyst in Communities worked with West Ham in the Community to support the established Kickz programme.  Through funding from the Man Group, ESquared have developed “Our Football means Business” to sit within KICKZ and expand the activities offered to the young participants.

The four team ‘managers’ selected their players based on values and monitor their performance to allocate value points to the individuals.  At the end of the tournament prizes were awarded to; the  Winning Team  (pictured above)The Most Valued Team Member,  The Most  Improved Team Member in each of the four teams, based on their demonstration of footballing skills, team skills, discipline, creativity, commitment. The teams themselves also nominated Players’ Players in each team.

The group of 60 young people aged 12-15 years were encouraged to consider how the skills they are using in playing football might help them develop their employability and business skills.  

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By reflecting on their performance on the pitch and taking part in classroom activities the group have looked at employability skills and attributes in team working, creativity and initiative, self-management and discipline, problem solving and planning.  They also examined how Football operates as business, with a range of supporting roles and a customer focus.

Three trainee coaches are now well on their way to achieve the ABE QCF Level 3 Award in Employability and Enterprise. 

They have worked with the UEL students and ESquared to develop “Our Football means Business” and have facilitated activities both on and off the pitch with the younger participants, as their social action enterprise.