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 Support for Business Start-ups 


StartUp Britain

Business in You - resource from BIS. Crowd-sourced funding services are turning the traditional model for funding enterprise on its head, offering opportunities for lots of people to invest smaller amounts from as little as £10, but averaging at around £2000.

Free Enterprise resources for students

See this useful HSBC article

Career Ideas from City & Guilds - Not sure what you want to be? Thinking of changing career and want some guidance?

Become an apprentice Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study.

Plotr - Plotr is a revolutionary website created to help 11-24 year olds discover and explore careers they’ll love. It’s built around the Game which uncovers careers matched to their skills, interests and personality.  



Start-up loans for young people 

Bright Ideas trust


Work experience guidance Published
rovides more information about employability of young people

Prince's Trust helps young people. Theycan equip you with the skills, tools and confidence you need to secure the job you want.

UCAS - At the heart of connecting people to higher education

Notgoingtouni was founded in 2008 by Tom Mursell a student who couldn't find a website that showed him his options outside of going to university.

I am Startacus. Are you?

There is a train of thought that society is broken, that the economy will continue to shrink and that good jobs will become harder to find and even harder to keep.

But Startacus does not accept this philosophy or this mindset. For every bad news story that is reported on the news, there are many amazing ones, that remain unheard. For every benefits cheat, or disinterested worker, there are tons of hard-working and self-starting individuals coming up with innovative and exciting ways that they can create jobs for themselves, and others.

Startacus will bring these people together, to harness this energy and creativity, to empower and encourage the idea maker, innovator and thinker; to help, motivate, develop a creative community and culture. Startacus rejects the concept of the broken society and celebrates the self start society!

 Support for Social Enterprise

Trading and social enterprise

Social Enterprise Support Centre