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The YES Passport and Employability Skills

The employers’ representative the CBI has identified which skills employers want to see in new recruits.

The YES Passport helps you to identify and record where you have developed those employability skills.

The key to building a great CV is to highlight these skills.

CBI definition of employability skills

A positive attitude (readiness to take part, openness to new ideas and activities, desire to achieve) underpinnings:

Self management – readiness to accept responsibility, flexibility, time management, readiness to improve own performance.

Teamworking – respecting others, co-operating, negotiating / persuading contributing to discussions.

Business and customer awareness – basic understanding of the key drivers for business success and the need to provide customer satisfaction.

Problem solving – analysing facts and circumstances and applying creative thinking to develop appropriate solutions.

Communication and literacy – application of literacy, ability to produce clear, structured written work and oral literacy including listening and questioning.

Application of numeracy – manipulation of numbers, general mathematical awareness and its application in practical contexts.

Application of information technology – basic IT skills, including familiarity with word processing, spreadsheets, file management and use of internet search engines.

You can develop these skills in all sorts of ways;
  • by real work experience (paid or unpaid) 
  • by participating in sports or team activities 
  • by studying at school or college  
  • by taking part in projects.

Tell employers what skills you have got and how you got them:

Example CV’s

CV 1 Susan Smith
CV 2 Ahmed Hussain
CV 3 Sharlice McDonal Green